Recording Tips

The best thing you can do for your project is to be completely ready to record. Below is a list to help optimize your time and recording quality.

Being Fully Rehearsed

Most indie artists don't hire producers, and instead produce their own songwriting, arrangement and financing of their projects

One of the most critical things is to be fully rehearsed prior to going to the studio. Vocalists should ensure that lyrics are completed and lead guitarists should be able to perfectly play their solos from start to finish

Sadly, there are musicians that miss this aspect, and spend much more on recording as they are not rehearsed enough.

Finalized Song Arrangements

There are times when musicians are too excited to have their songs recorded only to find out that they still need to revise the arrangement after or during the recording session. This is a very costly mistake. To avoid this problem, I would recommend doing pre-production at home, or recording songs to give to your engineer so they can have the 'final' versions.

Songwriting should not be done during the actual recording. Finalize this before going to the studio.

Studio Ready Equipment

For a serious and professional recording, all instruments should be in full operational condition. That means no broken cymbals, guitars are properly set up and fresh strings/skins. This step is critical for a good sounding recording. Below are some steps to follow.

1. Guitar/bass is set up, intonation is correct, new strings and new battery installed if applicable.
2. Drums have new skins, tuned approperately, drummer has extra sticks, and none of the harware is faulty/squeaky.
3. Vocalist has lyrics printed out.

Booking the studio

Many people make the mistake of booking last minute, and often don't get their perferred time because of it. It's best to contact the studio weeks or months prior to recording to get a quote and put down a deposit to ensure your recording time is guaranteed.

Our rates can be found here and we can be contacted for recording here.