Recording Rates:

In trying to stay competitive, our rates are based on the fact that our overhead is lower than the traditional studio as we work from my professionally built studio at home. We pass these savings onto you.

Please contact us for a comprehensive rate to suit your needs. Booking time requires 50% down of your quote.

Minimum Rate (Per Track): $450.00
Hourly Rate (Editing): $55.00

Mastering Services:

In order to get the best and overall loudest sound from your mix, your need to have your album mastered. This includes, but is not limited to;

  • Cutting unwanted frequencies
  • Compressing desirable frequencies
  • Equalising for optimal sound
  • Limiting for maximum levels without clipping
Per minute of music: $15.00

Other Recording Services:

Other services we offer are guitar and bass reamping, drum programming, audio repair, sampling, and many other audio related services. Please contact us with your needs!

Hourly Rate: $55.00